International Flights

Airkenya and its subsidiary airlines, Aerolink Uganda and Regional Air Tanzania, offer a complete East African experience. While each airline operates scheduled flights within their respective countries, they offer seamless network connectivity across East Africa - Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. We also provide tailor-made charter services in Africa.

Arrival in Kenya:

  • All travellers arriving in Kenya (as a final destination or in transit) must possess a negative COVID-19 certificate that is less than 96 hours old, verifiable using the TT system. Further, it is a mandatory requirement for anyone arriving in Kenya (as a final destination or in transit) to fill in the Traveller’s Health Surveillance Form on the Ministry of Health website prior to arrival.
  • Travellers from these countries, in possession of a Negative COVID-19 certificate (less 96 hours old) whose body temperature is NOT above 37.5oC (99.5oF), do NOT have a persistent cough, difficulty in breathing or other flu-like symptoms shall be exempted from quarantine. However, if there is a reported case of COVID-19 on the flight or the afore-mentioned symptoms are detected, the passengers within 2 rows of the passenger with the symptoms shall be isolated for testing. If the results are negative, they shall be allowed with their onward travel.
  • Traveller exiting the country will be required to abide by the Covid-19 requirements of destination countries.

Kilimanjaro Services:

  • While there is no requirement for mandatory quarantine, all travellers arriving in Tanzania are required to present a valid negative COVID-19 certificate that is less than 72 hours old. Further, all travellers, whether foreigners or returning residents, entering or leaving Tanzania will be subjected to enhanced COVID-19 screening.
  • Travellers exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19 may undergo testing.
  • All travellers are required to fill out Traveller’s Surveillance Forms available onboard to be submitted to Port Health Authorities upon arrival.

Mara – Entebbe – Mara (via Kisumu) Services:

  • Travellers headed to Uganda are expected to have taken a COVID-19 PCR test at least 120 hours prior to arrival. There will be no mandatory quarantine but the Ministry of Health will get their addresses for follow up.
  • Passengers arriving in Kenya from Uganda via Kisumu International Airport are advised to obtain their visas prior to their departure since the service is no longer available in Kisumu.

Note: Passengers in possession of the East African Tourist Visa qualify for multi-entry within Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. However, this expires automatically if a traveller ventures outside these three countries. This visa is valid for 90 days.