Airkenya & Tsavo Trust

Airkenya has reinforced the flight against poachers with a donation of twelve Drums of Avgas fuel to the Tsavo Trust.  The Trust provides aerial patrol over Tsavo Conservation Area with a specific focus on monitoring the large Tuskers.

The twelve drums were delivered to the Tsavo Trust Airfield near Mtito Andei in October 2014. This means the aerial surveillance can be increased by a further 7 hours per month or 84 hours per year.  Richard Moller, Chief Conservation Officer at Tsavo Trust has thanked Airkenya, adding "...we have already used some of the fuel and have picked up important observations from the air such as freshly used poachers camp... KWS immediately deployed a ground team as a result of this find".  Airkenya is committed to doing what it can to save Wildlife in the wild.