Airkenya acquires Helicopter

Airkenya Express has taken delivery of a Helicopter! The five-seater Helicopter will be available for private charters.  This high performance AS 350 B3 Helicopter arrived late 2011.  The Helicopter is powered by an Arriel 2B engine and has an advance avionics package that permits the pilot to closely monitor engine performance and accurately navigate to destination.

This Helicopter was the first of its kind to land on Mount Everest, the highest peak in the world, a performance achievement that few Helicopters in this category can match.
chopper flying     

The AS350 B3's speed and range combined with a roomy, quiet cabin make it suitable for a variety of missions from emergency evacuations to executive transport.

It is an ideal Helicopter for a hot and high operation.  It is a safe option for “bush flying” and difficult terrain. It can accommodate a maximum of 5 passengers and cruise at a speed of 150 miles/hr.