Airkenya welcomes an additional aircraft to its fleet

Airkenya welcomes an additional aircraft to its fleet

We  are  happy  to  confirm  the arrival  of  the  newest  member  of  our  fleet,  a  37  seater AirKenya’ s Dash  8  – 200  which  touched  down  at  Wilson Airport  shortly  before  dusk on  the  07th  of  January,  2021.    

The  Aircraft  is  at  the  Airkenya’s  Base  Maintenance facility  at  Wilson  where  it  will  spend  a  couple  of  weeks  undergoing    extensive maintenance work  and  will  be  painted  with  the  Airkenya  livery  before  entering service.

The Dash  8-  200  aircraft  type  is  part  of  the current  Airkenya’s fleet expansion  programme.  Today,  Airkenya  operates 08 aircrafts (two  Dashes  – 7s, three  Twin Otters  and  three  Cessna  Grand  Caravans.)

The  Dash  8-200  enhanced  performance  will  help  Airkenya  deliver  a  better  service offering  our  customers  easy,  faster  connections  within  Kenya  and  East  Africa.

2022 Rates

We  have  opened  our  flights  for  current  and  future  bookings  up  to  December  2022; secure  your  reservations  with  confidence.  

Take note of the Seasons update for 2022 bookings:

Peak Season: 21st Dec 21 – 28th February 22 & 01st Jun 22 – 31st Oct 22

Low Season: 01st Mar 22 – 31st May 22 & 01st Nov 22 – 20th Dec 22

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for your STO contract rates.

Minimum passenger number requirements

On  all  our  services  with  the  exception  of  the  Masai  Mara,  to  be  able  to  guarantee your  flight,  we  have  revised  the  minimum  number  of  passengers  to  4.  Once  you confirm  and  pay  for  the  additional  seats,  we  will  commit  an  aircraft  to  the  service  so that  your  travel  is  assured.  The payment of the extra seats is non- refundable.  

We endeavour  to  offer  you, in the most efficient and professional manner,  daily  services to  our  destinations  and  regional  network. Our commitment in keeping  travellers confidence is  one  of  Airkenya’s  primary  goals.

Digital Verification of COVID-19 Certificates

Beginning  January  11th  2021,  all  travellers  departing  Kenya  must  present  a digitally-verified  negative  COVID-19  test  in  accordance  with  the  trusted  Traveller (TT)  Initiative ( and the PanaBios system (

More information on the processes to follow can be obtained here.

Preparing yourself and staying one step ahead

Since the  start of the  pandemic,  Airkenya  introduced  enhanced  cleaning  and sanitation  processes  that are fully  compliant  with  the  Kenyan   Ministry  of  Health directives  all  to  ensure that your travel with  Airkenya  is  safe and  comfortable.

We  continue  to  encourage  you  to  Check  in  Online,  wear  surgical  face  masks  at  all times  and  ensure  that you hold  tickets  with  details  that  fully  reflect  your  Passport Bio  Data.

By  sharing  what  we’ve  learned  so  far  and  what  is  to  come,  we  hope  you  will  feel confident  to  travel  with  us  and  make  Airkenya  part  of  your  travel  plans.

Thank  you  for keeping safe during  these  unprecedented  times,  we  look  forward  to  having you  on board our  flights.

Capt. Dino Bisleti
General Manager