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Vacation consideration for the whole family is a delicate balance. It is essential to factor in moody teenagers, energetic children and tired parents looking for an escape, not forgetting the young-at-heart grandparents with empty nests! All this complicates the search for a unifying destination. Exotic beach destinations tend to top the list, yet a safari to Kenya can be a great option. Let your family come and see the wildlife of the African bush and immerse them in the Maasai or Samburu cultural flare. A fly-in safari is particularly encouraged since it saves your already jet-lagged family members the agony of the long and tiring driving distance, time that you could otherwise use to create more family memories at the destination. Besides, the astounding aerial view of your destination adds on to the thrill.

With that in mind, here are our top picks of Airkenya’s memorable fly-in safari experiences for the whole family:

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