Emarti Primary School

Airkenya has been part of this school’s journey for almost a decade during which it has been transformed from basic tin-panel structures to a modern eight-classroom facility.

We recognised that education is the springboard for community development in the Maasai Mara, one of our flagship destinations. The school now has a fully stocked library an administrative block, teachers’ quarters, a borehole that supplies clean water and a solar power system. Next on the list will be more classrooms, a kitchen and dormitories for pupils to allow them to stay at school rather than having long and potentially dangerous walks past wild animals. This will allow the school to grow to 300 pupils. During a recent visit to Emarti, AirKenya general manager, Capt. Dino Bisleti thanked our many passengers who have donated to the project and Wildlife Safari Ltd. for library supplies. The total cost of the long-term project will be around USD 1.5 million.