Airkenya flies daily to Lamu one of Kenya's oldest towns on an island off the coast. A magical place of great natural beauty Lamu is steeped in history from its rolling sand dunes to the depths of the Indian Ocean's sparkling waters. Lamu's ancient culture is drawn from many sources and its long exotic tale can be read in every step down the narrow streets in the rich carvings of the heavy wooden doors and in the markets where life continues unchanged since the 14th century.

Between the various islands of the archipelago‚ or along the coast‚ the main form of transport is the traditional dhow. Dhow trips to outlying islands are one of the must do activities of any visit to Lamu. One of the most incredible spectacles on the coast is the century old Maulid Festival and more recently the Lamu Cultural Festival which takes place annually.

For the full‚ white-sand experience you need to go to Shela Beach‚ Kipungani Island‚ where you are guaranteed a private stretch of beach.

 High Season: 21st  December  to 31st March and 1st July to 31st October 

 Mid Season: 1st November to 20th December  Low Season:1st April to 30th June   

From To Depart     Arrive      
Wilson       Lamu 1400 1510
Lamu Malindi     1540 1605
Malindi Wilson 1625 1735
Fares        Low season   High Season  Tax          
One-way  $139  $139  $29
Return  $232  $232  $43

Fares are valid from 21st December 2016 to 20th December 2018

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